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Welcome to FLSmidth Cycling, on this site you can find relevant information with regards to the club board, enrollment

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Everyone within the FLSmidth Company in Denmark is welcome in our cycling club, no matter what level you are.

The club is a way to find fellow riders for training, both for the road and for mountain bikers (for instance through our Facebook group).

Those interested participates in races across Denmark or abroad.
  • The season usually kicks off in spring time at the FLS houses in Båstad to “race” up and down the “Hallandsås”. This is a club arranged trip and is used to get at good start of year on the roads.
  • For the members on MTB, the club has a yearly prolonged weekend trip, which until now has been to Harzen Germany. Here we have attacked the 2000 km trails with steep climbs and fast descents. Harzen is close to DK and offers amazing challenges and experiences for every MTB enthusiast.

  • At the end of the season, typically in the beginning of September, we have “the big trip” where we pack our road bikes and travel south to somewhere nice and warm and with a lot of mountains. In this trip we race around for 4-6 days in three teams and with 2-3 guides. Depending on the participants, team one might want to run fast and efficiently, and team three is more into nice lunches and tasting some wine along the road.
During the season people try to meet across Zealand to ride together and those attending races try to arrange that FLSmidth bikers start out together.

In other words: The club has room for everyone regardless of level. The company appreciates such healthy and efficient bicycling employees and therefore will reimburse a large amount of your expenses related to participating in our events.

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For updates pictures and other fun stuff please see the FLSmidth Cycling Facebook site through link below

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See below link to the FLSmidth cycling regulations

LINK Regulations (Danish)

Standard Power of attorney
See below link to the FLSmidth cycling regulations

LINK standard power of attorney (Danish)

To enroll in the FLSmidth cycling club please find and use the template through link below.
Mail the filled out template to the Chairman to get enrolled

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Club board    
Chairman Cashier
Ejvind Rødtnes jørgensen Søren Møller    
Gert Palner Olsen        
Morten Vangshardt        
Palle Huus        
Bjarne Waage Bechersdahl        
Michael Nørgaard        
Current membership rate        
FLSmidth Cycling 10 kr/md        
FLSmotion 5 kr/md (Mandatory)